Supporting dance artists, helping their movement language to more power, clarity and individuality is important to me. That is why, in my teaching, I focus on the body’s permeability and on a more refined execution of movement.

Contemporary / Modern Dance

The varied, dynamic movement material I offer draws on modern dance techniques (Cunningham, Limón and others), contemporary movement tendencies, various forms of body work (such as Gyrokinesis) and sports (artistic gymnastics, etc.). In this training we work on quality of movement, flow of movement, condition and coordination. Special attention is paid to the conscious use of breath and to diaphragm training. The benefits of this work include the promotion of effective breathing, centering, grounding, alignment and permeability of the body. The training begins with floor work and continues with standing technical exercises before moving on to expansive phrases.


Course type group tuition
Aimed at dance professionals, students of dance,
  youth and adult amateur dancers (beginners to advanced)
Length of indv. lessons variable, 60-120 min
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“The more refined the expression, the greater the impression it leaves.”