This dance training focusses on therapeutic benefits and supports participants along their path to self-empowerment. It helps realize, expand and earth the participants’ own potential. Teaching body awareness, it helps improve self-awareness. It works on the inner force that facilitates self-acceptance and the ability to confront oneself. It promotes self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence.

In this dance therapy training we work with contemporary dance, using exercises and movement phrases that focus on diagnosis and on specific therapeutic effect. Special attention is paid to the conscious use of breath and to diaphragm training. The benefits of this work include the promotion of effective breathing, centring, grounding, upright posture and permeability of the body, all of which have a positive impact on psyche and mind.

The therapeutic approach is based on the Dance Therapy as Applied Dance Psychology. This form of art therapy applies the three-stage psychotherapy principle of diagnosis, deepening of experience and activating for activity. It is a resource and cognitive psychology-oriented dance therapy based on Hörmann’s rhythmic-energetic structure analysis (RES) system. It encompasses the four characteristics of motion events: body, space, energy and outer form/structure.


Course type group therapy
Helps with lack of self-confidence, poor self-esteem, strong self-criticism,
  excessive stage fright, fear of failure, inability to tap one’s own potential in
  stress situations, sense of helplessness and futility, etc.
Duration of a setting  90 min
Recommended number 5-10
Location, time, prices details to follow

“To see only one side of the cube – or one side of a person – means that many other sides remain hidden.”