Founded in 1999 by Andrea Fäh, TANZLICHT hires dancers and other artists on a per-project basis. The thematic focus is on issues that take place in and between humans; on beings – human and animal alike –, their traits and behaviours as well as the inner life that moves on the outside.

These topics are given artistic shape through a dynamic, diverse movement material that manifests itself in the form of a clear, sensitive yet powerful language. Refined abstract expression through the medium of the body authentically reflects moods, feelings and emotions.

TANZLICHT’s work to-date regards the human being as a complex structure of various facets of personality, explores the construction and destruction of one’s life and examines the idea of space, which can either constrict or liberate. It tells of inner imprisonment and of the liberation from it; of our relationship with time and transience; of life hidden and of apparent superficiality. 


“Every inner movement, feeling, emotion or desire expresses itself through our body. What we call body language is our expression of inner movement." Samy Molcho