About Me

I love to move. As choreographer and dancer I am interested in expressing inner movement through my body, to also move on the outside. As dance teacher my aim is to help dancers lend their movements, their artistic expression force, clarity and individuality. As dance therapist and coach I strive to support people in finding their inner strength, allowing once again movement to take place within them and in their life. Whether as dancer or as coach: I love to move and be moved.

In the independent dance scene I have been active since 1996. Three years later I founded the company TANZLICHT, since when I have developed a range of full-length productions and shorter pieces. My education and training as dancer and qualified teacher of contemporary dance (Diplôm d’Etat) I completed at the RIDC Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine in Paris. I was especially influenced by the techniques of Cunningham and Limón.

I continued my education in the Dance Loft St. Gallen - where I became acquainted with the Jennifer Muller technique - and through my participation in numerous workshops and classes, both at home and abroad. Through my participation in external projects, commissions to develop choreographies and teaching contemporary dance I have gained extensive experience in the field. In addition to dance training I practice various forms of body work, sports and acting.

My dance practice has been enriched by the diploma courses Dance Therapy as Applied Dance Psychology at the University of Munster-Westfalen, and DAS TanzKultur at the University of Bern. The two academic papers I wrote as part of these studies have had a significant influence on my work as an artist. They deal with the importance of the diaphragm and with the analytical consideration of emotional content within the movement material respectively. The latter was published in 2005 in the German art therapy magazine Musik-, Tanz- und Kunsttherapie (publ. Hogrefe).

Dance has brought me in contact with coaching, for which I have developed a passion. I completed courses as qualified Master Mental Coach ECA, qualified Mental & Stress Coach ECA, qualified Soul & Spirit Coach, qualified Persönlichkeits- & Life Coach and qualified Integral Coach at the living sense educational centre in Zurich. My other completed or attended courses include certified wingwave Coach with Roger Marquardt, Basel; Pilates Mat Class Instructor, SAFS Zurich; Fundamentals of Medicine at the APK Thalwil; Autogenic Training according to J. H. Schultz, Zurich; and courses on the diaphragm at Ateminstitut Schweiz, IKP Zurich, and with Norbert Faller, Austria.


"Through the medium of dance I strive to develop an ever more nuanced language for my body to do justice to the plethora of feelings and emotions in their artistic embodiment."